About Us

The first mmmarvellous mmmuffins® opened its doors at Toronto’s Eaton Centre in 1979 with one simple goal – to provide freshly baked muffins and fresh ground coffee to each customer. Today, mmmuffins® operates 2 locations and has expanded its product line up to include cookies, croissants, danishes, soup, sandwiches and cupcakes! Still baking on site daily, mmmuffins® products contain no preservatives or additives and uses the finest high quality ingredients; eggs, creamy buttermilk, golden honey, dark molasses, bran, oatmeal, fresh fruits and canola oil. mmmuffins® serves more than 3,000,000 muffins each year in Canada.

Our Partner

Since 1975 when Timothy Snelgrove and his wife Theresa opened the first Timothy’s coffee shop, quality was always behind this brand.

Over the past three decades, coffee lovers across Canada have continued to watch Timothy’s World Coffee make no exceptions to the passion and commitment of providing the world’s finest coffees. Timothy’s only purchases the top 1-5% of the world’s finest Arabica beans that are custom roasted in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness. Our cafés feature over 40 types of beans and coffee blends to enjoy at one of our locations or to take home by the pound.

Our Company

mmmuffins® Canada is operated by MTY Group. Our Canadian corporate office is located in Richmond, Ontario.

Timothy’s Coffees of the World, Inc.® , a wholesale coffee distribution company serving Canada and the U.S. and encompassing three restaurant brands including Timothy’s World Coffee, mmmuffins®.


mmmuffins® Canada believes that in order to have a quality brand you must have quality people. Our success over the years has been due, in great part, to our strong commitment to our employees personal development and professional growth. As our brand grows we are constantly looking for talented people who will bring value to mmmuffins® Canada in a variety of roles within our cafes and corporate office.

We welcome you to send your résumé to dgannon@mtygroup.com if you are interested in a career with MTY Group.